I’m so eager to breath life into the blog back! So sad for the long delay, simply have been to a great degree occupied with family and chose to take a break, yet I am back now so all is well!

How have all of you been?! Have you missed my item surveys by any stretch of the imagination?! I’m a little corroded so you’ll need to excuse me for that!

I will do more than just surveys starting now and into the foreseeable future however! I’ve chosen to be an all out specialist! So I’m blogging all the more, inspecting all the more, attempting new things and accomplishing more! So energizing!

Ideally I don’t make all of you totally crazy with all the posting I’ll be doing, regardless of the possibility that I do, I’ll simply continue posting hahaha!

On the off chance that I didn’t let you know some time recently, yet I completely LOVE the shoreline! The water alleviates my inward soul. It for reasons unknown gives me peace, regardless of how rough or insane the waves can be. It’s continually moving. It’s dependably been here and it generally will be. It’s seen everything since the start of this planet. That is likewise why I named this blog “Submerged Promotion” this is a result of my interest with the sea in all it’s excellence.