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Why are Highway Signs Important?

Highway signs find application for many purposes which maintain highway safety. This is a brief guide that talks about the importance of the control signs and why every highway should utilize them.

Highway signs and traffic control devices cater to many purposes to ensure safety. To mention a few:

  • They alert drivers about the speed limit.
  • They bring attention to construction work and detours.
  • They inform drivers about steep hills and sharp turns.
  • Pedestrians can walk safely because of traffic control signage.
  • Drivers and the public are alerted and informed about work zones and construction sites.

Highway signs assure safe driving conditions. If the signs were not there, drivers would not keep their speed in check, there would a massive confusion about directions, and drivers would have to face steep hill or a sharp turn without precaution. It is important to know about upcoming hazards while driving on the highway and that is exactly what these signs are made for. There are mainly three kinds of highway signs which can be categorized into several other sub categories.

1. Maker signs – These are the signs which indicate drivers about the route, turns, and junctions. They include cardinal direction auxiliary signs, advance turn signs, directional arrow auxiliaries, route markers and more.

2. Regulatory signs – Regulatory signs serve the purpose of keeping traffic regulations in check. Some examples of regulatory signs are yield signs, sparking regulation signs, railroad crossing sign, road closed signs, turn signs, truck route signage and more.

3. Warning signs – Warning signs are used to alert drivers about speed check, traffic rules and safety precautions. They include narrowed road signs, steep hill warning, pedestrian crossing, school and children area, transition warning, work zone or construction signage and mach more.

Highway signs keep accidents from happening and assure the safety of commuters. They protect pedestrians and make it safe for children. The bottom line is, traffic control signage prevents chaos and havoc on the road. It saves time, effort and keeps everyone secure and protected.

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